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Tree pruning for safety

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

When spring arrives, thoughts turn towards the great outdoors. For property owners, this can mean yard maintenance. Warmer temperatures mean that trees and shrubs that were dormant during winter months are springing back to life. Senske recommends having trees and shrubs pruned, not only will they make your property appear better, pruning can also remove safety hazards that are caused by old growth while promoting the new growth.

About Pruning

Ornamental pruning involves the careful trimming or thinning of trees and shrubs in order to give them a more pronounced shape. Pruning foliage is also beneficial for the tree, as removing dead branches allows for new growth to flourish. When done properly, pruning can reduce the risk of disease for shrubs and trees and keep these valuable assets strong and healthy.

Pruning is good for tree health but when done incorrectly, it can be catastrophic. Without proper cutting technique, wounds caused by trimming can be exposed to potential fungal infections and diseases. Other incorrect pruning techniques such as topping, can also put trees in a state of shock. Trees may go into a state of emergency, causing rapid, unhealthy growth that can permanently ruin the health of the tree.

When Should Pruning Be Done?

Typically the best time of year to prune is late winter and early spring. At this time, flowering trees and shrubs are blooming or about to. As long as the tree or shrub is not dormant, they can be pruned during non-cold seasons. Pruning will help start new growth off well for the rest of the year. Thinning out old growth will make room for beautiful branches and flowers.

Pruning for to Avoid Safety Hazards

Another important reason to prune is to protect your property and your family from hazardous branches. Large trees are especially dangerous if their branch growth gets out of hand. If branches are touching your home or the roof, they could rub and cause exterior damage. They can also be a fire hazard close to your home as old growth is very flammable. Limbs near power lines can cause an immediate threat of fire or downing the power line itself.

Dead limbs can put your family at risk. They are known to often fall without warning. Depending on the kind of tree it is, a branch could be very heavy, which could cause serious injury. This is especially true for non-pruned trees during the months of March through October. A single storm is all it would take for a tragedy to occur. Protect what’s most important to you by pruning your trees to remove safety hazards!

About Family Landscaping & Tree Care Pruning Services

Why should you consider pruning services? Pruning can promote the health of your trees and the safety of your family, but done incorrectly, can do the opposite. We have been caring for trees for 30 years, it’s safe to say our arborists know a thing or two about trees. We have the experience and professional training to handle any tree-related needs.

Our Services can provide necessary maintenance or improve tree health for appearance and safety due to:

– decay or death – unacceptable risk or hazards – obstruction – crowding or harming other trees

You can have peace of mind and free up time by using professional pruning services from us. We also provide a wide variety of services to promote and prolong the health of your trees. Contact us today for a free estimate of our services.

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